This project features monthly publications that present research and investment strategies for stocks, funds, ETFs, and dividends. I recently redesigned one of The 4 publications’ cover for the purpose of appealing to new customers, younger audiences and boosting retention. The inside and outside cover elements were reorganized to provide a more functional and user-friendly solution, along with a more visually engaging experience.


Business Objectives

• Grow the business
– Boost acquisition
– Boost retention
– Appeal to younger customers

• Strengthen the Brand
– Visual aesthetic relates to overarching brand mission
– New branding + Acronyms strengthen Newsletter product brand specifically



Visual Design

• Appeal
– Engaging reader on a deeper level
– Images leave lasting impressions faster than text
– Brain processes images 60,000x faster than text
– Bright colors capture readers attention
– Convey abstract/complex concepts


User Experience Design

• Learnability
– New TOC Structure allows for a better overview
– Images leave lasting impressions faster than text

• Usefulness
– Adding summary
– Relating cover art to most important feature