iPad Edition


The main goal of this project was to redesign the iPad version of the Morningstar research publication StockInvestor. The redesign aimed to raise awareness of everything that came with the subscription—first for apple subscribers and secondly for newsletters customers. By providing the right path to the most current data and content we expected to gain more engagement. I used inviting images (and the new branding) to tie the browse pages to the new cover designs.


Splash Screen
Landing Page


Splash Screen

Used splash screen to highlight Morningstar Logo.


Landing Page

Below are the cards we’re considering to include on the landing page:

New Monthly issue (PDF)
Guides, How-To, and Glossary
Data cards
Editors Commentary cards
Live data pages: Portfolios and watchlists
A video, when mentioning a specific issue it can work as a teaser that encourages the customer to purchase that issue.



These are the section we thought we should include in the sidebar:
Disclosure Pages for MSI and MDI