Christopher Cantore
Design Manager at Morningstar


“I am fortunate and grateful to be able to work so closely with such a great person and hard worker. Pegah is passionate and dedicated to what we do at Morningstar. She is an extremely creative individual with strong design instincts. She is a thoughtful, intelligent designer. Pegah’s ability to learn and adapt to new technical and problem-solving techniques is impressive.

I always trust that she will engage deeply with any project she is involved with. She is not afraid to take risks when appropriate and always strives to push the boundaries of her solutions. When Pegah sets her sights on achieving a goal she does not let any obstacles stand in her path, she meets those obstacles head-on and moves ahead to reach that goal. Apart from her conceptually creative and strategically-minded personality, Pegah is also kind, dependable, and fun to work with.” 

Julie Koska
Director of Product and Program Management, Sustainability at Morningstar


“I worked with Pegah earlier this year to design a new report component. She did an excellent job of distilling complex ideas into a simple, thoughtful, and creative design. Pegah adapted quickly to design modification suggestions from senior leadership. I was impressed with how well she organized user research feedback in order to thoughtfully and rapidly iterate on the design.”

Christopher Margelis
Senior Visual Designer at Morningstar


“I’ve known Pegah for almost ten years. We studied together during graduate school and have worked together for the past four years at Morningstar. She is a strong designer and great peer! She was part of a team that redesigned Morningstar’s Investor Newsletters and their work was recently recognized in an international design competition and her contribution was a big reason why. Pegah is a great designer and I really enjoy working with her!”